Nowadays, a woman can meet a man through various mediums. She could visit a library, club, coffee shop, grocery store or alternative establishment. She could sign up with an online dating site and have access to males in various counties, states and countries. She could connect with someone at work or school, as well. However, she will never pair up with the right person unless she goes through the process required for choosing the right mate. The process of choosing the right mate requires a woman to take the following steps:

Decidie on the Most Important Qualities

The female will want to create a list of genuine qualities that she desires in her mate. She will want to arrange the qualities in order of importance either on paper or in her mind. For example, honesty may be the most important quality that she desires in her male partner. Respectfulness may be the second quality she desires. Perhaps, loyalty is her third most important quality. By visualizing the qualities that she desires, the female will prevent herself from losing time on a person who does not qualify. For example, she would want to stop communicating with a man who tells her a lie during the first encounter.

Consider Other Qualities

The “other qualities” in a male partner consist of physical attributes and any superficial qualities that the female may desire. Such qualities include things such as a high income, a strong economic status or a pricey vehicle. The female will need to think about the age range that she would consider for a potential partner. She will want to think about race and weight. Additionally, she will want to write down the income level she is searching for if she holds weight in that element.

Developing Relationship Requirements

The last things the woman will want to consider are her relationship requirements. She will need to spend some time thinking about what she wants out of the relationship. She will need to ask herself if a long-term romantic relationship is acceptable, or if she wants to get married. She will want to decide how long she is willing to wait for the relationship to progress. Furthermore, she will want to consider whether she wants children, or if she would like to pursue her career or education.

Applying the Self-Created Guidelines

Once the female sets her own guidelines, she can easily apply them to any situation. For example, having an outline available will make online profile browsing easier. She can go through the process of elimination just by reading some of the information on the men’s profiles. She can use her rule set in the physical world easily by communicating with her potential mate and listening to his demeanor, desires and responses. The aforementioned process should make mate selection go smoothly.


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