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Are You Settling in Your Relationship?

If you are wondering if you are settling in the relationship you have now, chances are you could be. If you have that kind of question on your mind, you are most probably settling for less. It is important to understand that settling is just simple, believe it or not. You can also ask a better question to reevaluate your relationship: If there is one person you could not imagine life without, who would that person be?

Despite the imperfections, if you feel that you cannot live another day without the person you are with and cannot imagine spending your whole life with someone else, then you are definitely not settling. Otherwise, you could just be investing in a pointless relationship.

Should You Date Your Friend’s Ex?

Sometimes, there are just things that are beyond our control. You fall in love with your friend’s ex and you cannot help but wonder if what you are doing is right. If you happen to like your friend’s ex, expect that it will not be a smooth ride.

Dating your friend’s ex happens a lot; some will turn out right and your friend might even have your back. There are also instances where dating the ex can turn your friendship sour.

Nobody can dictate how you should feel towards someone. In the case of liking your friend’s ex, you should assess if being with that person is worth the risk. Just prepare for what is to come.

How to Make Dating an Older Woman a Great Experience

Dating older women can be a wonderful experience. Some men would even prefer dating women older than them because women mature faster and that usually means never having to deal with most issues that you would likely face when dating younger girls. Here are tips on how to enjoy your relationship with an older woman.

· Be good with initiating and maintaining meaningful and fun conversation

· When you make promises, be smart not to break them

· Older women enjoy men with good sense of humor, so make sure you have some.

· Be a tease and give her some challenge.

· Always show the real you. Older women are already experienced with men so they will know if you are simply putting on a show.

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