Whether you think you’re falling out of love, you and your significant other fight too much, or you’re just not feeling it anymore, there are plenty of reasons why a relationship may fall apart. While in the case of lying or cheating it’s pretty easy to make the call to end the relationship, with these other matters you may be on the fence. If you’re still trying to figure out whether to give your love a fighting chance or walk away, consider these points. If you’re experiencing most of them, it’s probably time to break up.

10. You Don’t like Them

Remember the little butterflies you used to get whenever you saw your lover or even thought about them? Those are long since dead. In fact, you can’t think of anything that you enjoy about your partner anymore. You don’t find them as attractive as you used to if at all, you find them annoying, you don’t want to hear about their day, and every little pet peeve that you were once able to overlook now drives you crazy.

9. You Don’t Feel Anything for Them

However, if you don’t like your partner, at least you still feel something for them. Even worse is feeling nothing at all. You’ve lost your desire to be a part of this relationship. You don’t love them but you don’t hate them. You simply feel completely indifferent about them.

8. You Have Nothing in Common

While having every last little hobby in common sometimes doesn’t guarantee a lasting relationship, hopefully when you and your significant other first met, you had at least a few common threads to tie you together. Over the span of your relationship, you may have developed hobbies as a couple. However, one or both of you has changed and it seems like you have no common interests anymore.

7. You Fight All the Time about Everything

Oftentimes the fights that you two have are about such inconsequential topics that by the end of the battle you barely remember what you were even arguing about. Even worse, when you two do disagree, old fights that you thought you had put to bed always manage to resurface. You can’t go a day or two without getting into a fight about anything and everything.

6. You Have Too Many Doubts

You’re not sure if this person is the one for you. You don’t know if you want to live with them or marry them. You have concerns about whether your significant other would be a good parent. You can’t necessarily see a future with this person. It seems like over time your doubts are only growing.

5. You Don’t Trust Each Other

Perhaps an incident occurred that eroded trust in the relationship or your suspicions are unfounded. Either way, once trust begins to erode in a relationship, it doesn’t have much time left. If both parties can’t trust each other, the relationship is as good as dead.

4. You Don’t Share the Same Values

Perhaps your partner wakes up one day and decides that they don’t want marriage anymore, or you find out after a year or so together that your significant other wants kids while you don’t. As a couple, you need to share the same major values to stay together happily.

3. You Suspect There’s Someone Else

Maybe you caught a glimpse of your partner’s phone and wondered who that guy or gal is who’s texting them. Your significant other may be spending extra time at work or Facebook friending a lot of people of the opposite sex. Either way, you’re starting to wonder if there’s someone else in the picture.

2. You Have More Bad Times than Good

You can’t remember the last time that you and your partner went out and had a nice time together. The good times have diminished to almost nothing and in their place are only bad times. The bad outweighs the good by far.

1. You’ve Tried Everything Else and Nothing’s Worked

Perhaps you’ve tried to improve communications with your partner about the issues that are causing problems. You two may have even tried couples counseling. If these measures aren’t improving your relationship over time, it’s best to walk away.


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