Dating is hard for people of all ages – no matter if they are someone who has just started out with dating as a teenager, or for someone who is looking to get back into the dating scene as an adult. There is a certain type of person called a “cougar” – in essence, a woman who is older (40 or older) who chooses to act younger than her age would imply, and who often prefers the company of a younger person. If you are someone who is attracted to “cougars”, especially if you are already in some form of a relationship with one, this article will cover the idea of a relationship with a large age gap, as well as how you should and should not approach the creation of maintenance of said relationship.

Courting an older woman

An important thing to note is that, in the case of a younger partner dating an older partner, what is often the goal for the older partner is to relive their youth. Of course, being young yourself is only a very small fix for her – a bandage if you will. What you need to do is to make her feel young by treating her as your “age equal.” She definitely has a lot of wisdom and

experience, but at the same time, there’s a lot of value to people seeing her as attractive and energetic. Take her to places that are exciting. Dinner is nice, but it is rather neutral in terms of helping her relive her youth (you can go to dinner at any age, after all). Bringing her someplace that she might not otherwise go to, such as the carnival, or ice skating, or perhaps even something a little more daring like bungee jumping is a lot of fun.

Make sure that you are not being taken advantage of

When I say this, I don’t mean to suggest that a cougar is dating you with ill intent. However, there are certainly some older women who are dating younger people for no other reason than to boost their own self-confidence. Before you allow the relationship to go any further than it is, make sure that she understands your desire to explore a more serious relationship. It is important that she doesn’t waste your time and you don’t waste her time.


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