If you feel you and your spouse are getting in a rut, read the steps below on how to put the flame back.


Not only does exercise keep you in shape, but it also increases your libido. Exercising gets your blood flowing, increases oxygen in the body and keeps your body fit and trim. When you feel good you look good and a healthy body gives you a healthy outlook – for ‘all’ your emotions!


Dancing is a fun and energetic way to get close to the one you love. You and your spouse can go out and paint the town red with smooth moves, or stay at home and groove to those romantic tunes you both love.

Do things together

Keep your relationship strong by sharing chores. When you are spending time with the one you love the time you spend doing household tasks flies by. Going to the laundry mat can be a really romantic rendezvous; once you have the right attitude.

Go on dates

Who says courting stops with marriage? Keep up the mystery and glamour by going places together. Whether the atmosphere is cozy, exotic, fun filled, romantic or you’re watching a comedy movie together, the memories of that fun time work to build a relationship that works.


If you are starting to feel like your mate is a stranger share news, gossip or funny tidbits with them. Striking up a conversation with someone you’re attracted to is what you would have done when you were single.

Cook their favorite meal

It really is sweet to have someone serve you breakfast in bed or prepare your favorite dinner. You may not be able to do it all the time, but once in a while shows you still care.

Leave sweet little notes about

Texting just to say I love you, leaving sticky notes on the refrigerator that says how sexy you think they are; these are sure fire ways to keep the flame going.

Greet them with a hug and kiss

Even though it may be a little while since you did this, physical hugs and kisses make you feel a good deal better than the chocolate kind!

Pamper him/her

The beauty parlor may get you professional results, but the homemade ‘touch’ is quite rewarding. Offer to shave him; just to be near him. Give her a full body massage; it will relax and soothe her. Nothing is more romantic than giving each other a shampoo. It may seem like nothing at the hairdresser’s, but imagine leaning over your spouse and looking into their eyes while you run your fingers through their hair – spicy!

Dress sexy

Put them in the right mood by wearing something sexy and revealing. Tight shirts, sheer blouses – you get the picture.


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