First dating experiences differs from person to person. At times it turns out well and sometimes it does not. If you thought that your bad dating experience may be the worst, wait until you read the rest of this story which gets as bad as any date could be. When Angela met John she thought she has finally found that perfect guy after a long time of being single. To her John appeared natural and seemed like one who could be caring. They met at a friend’s party and they spent quite some time talking and getting to know a little bit about one another. They set a time and day for their first date and at the end of the party they departed after hugging one another.

The following week John called Angela to ask her what time he should be picking her up and also asked her what type of food she would like to have during dinner. An upscale restaurant was chosen for their date and all arrangement was finalized and agreed upon.  Few hours from their conversation John told his wife Susan he would be going out with his buddies for a drink.John did not know that his suspecting wife Susan had her own and different ideas mapped out.

For sometime Susan knew that John was cheating her and has often dated other women while Susan was at work. Susan works at a Hospital about 10 miles away from their home as a nurse. But Susan wanted to catch John on one of his dates. John did not know that the conversations he had with Angela was recorded by Susan, including venue of their date and time. After John left the house to pick Angela, Susan drove straight to the planned dinner place at the restaurant. She made it to the restaurant first and decided to wait for John and his date. Susan sat in her car and soon enough her husband John and his date arrived and walked into the restaurant holding hands.

After about 15 minutes the pregnant Susan walked into the restaurant and appeared at the dinner table where John and Angela were seated. John was shocked! He asked Susan what she was doing here? Susan used the “F” word to warn John to shut his mouth up, and she asked Angela who she was and what she was doing with her husband John. Angela could not believe what was happening and she apologized to Susan telling her that this was her first date with John and that John did not tell her that he was married.

In the meantime the waitress arrived at the table and intervened to control an apparent bad situation from getting worse. All this was happening in the middle of dinner and at this point nobody was eating any longer. The waitress managed to get things under control and asked everyone to come with her outside the restaurant so as to limit the disruption at the restaurant. Outside the restaurant the waitress pleaded with Susan to forgive Angela because she was obviously unaware that her husband John was cheating her. All through this time John did not utter a word, still in shock that Susan who he thought was at work at the hospital appeared at the restaurant.The waitress asked John not to worry about the bill; John and Susan drove home in separate cars,the last thing Susan told John was to wait till they get home, for sure only God knows what would happen when they get home and  Angela took a taxi home and was glad to see the end of this bizarre and embarrassing date.


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