Summer is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to start spending more time outdoors. Take advantage of the warm weather this summer with these exciting outdoor dating ideas.

10 – Outdoor Movie Date

Many cities do outdoor movie screenings, so consider taking your date to an outdoor movie. Bring a comfortable blanket, some snacks, and kick back and enjoy watching an old classic movie.

9 – Bonfire and S’mores

If you live in an area that has cooler nights during the summer, a bonfire and s’mores date is the perfect option. Enjoy the romantic fire together, and make sure you have plenty of s’mores ingredients on hand. You can even invite a few friends to make it a group date.

8 – Relax at an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts are perfect for music lovers, and many cities and counties put together free outdoor concerts at local parks. Enjoy kicking back with some great music. The music is a great conversation starter too, making this a great option for first dates.

7 – Prepare a Food Lover’s Picnic

If you’re both food lovers, prepare a food lover’s picnic and enjoy the food in the great outdoors. Find a beautiful park or another romantic outdoor location for your picnic. Make sure you add a bottle of wine to go with your favorite foods.

6 – Take in a Street Fair

Street fairs abound during the summer months, so take advantage of these unique fairs as a couple. Many of these street fairs feature food, so you can have a great time sampling delicious foods and drinks as you get to know each other better.

5 – Romantic Sunset Date

Sunsets during the summer are gorgeous, so consider heading out on a romantic sunset date. Find a great spot that has a wonderful view of the sunset and enjoy taking in nature’s beauty together. Bring along a bottle of wine or champagne to share as you watch the sun set in the western sky.

4 – Head Out Biking  

If you’re a couple that loves adventure, head out on a biking summer date. It’s easy to find biking trails, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider. Pack a lunch to enjoy together while you’re out on your biking adventure.

3 – Baseball Game

Baseball is the American sport, and even people who aren’t sports fans have a basic idea of how the game works. Tickets are reasonably priced and you can share some great baseball snacks as well. Enjoy cheering for your favorite team while enjoying time together.

2 – Enjoy a Day on a Boat

It’s always wonderful to be on the water during the summer, and if you’re within driving distance of a body of water, enjoying a day on a boat is a great summer date idea. If you don’t have a boat, consider borrowing one or renting one. Make sure you bring food, drinks, and your swimsuit.

1 – Spend a Day at the Beach

Of course, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as a day at the beach, so consider heading to the beach together. Make sure you have sunscreen, plenty of cold drinks, and a comfortable blanket or beach chairs. Splash around together in the surf, play beach volleyball, or just spend some time relaxing while you take in the rays of the sun.

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