Dating can be tough and competitive when you’re meeting a stranger for the first time. The stress of coming up with the right words to say that make a positive impression can send you deeper into your own thoughts also. We’ve all been there, but watch out for and stop those insecurities. Seriously. No one needs to be in their own thoughts when a living person is sitting right in front of them. 

You will immediately come off as self-centered.

Just remember, on first dates especially, it’s always about the other person that you’re meeting. Here is where your advantage comes in. When focusing on them, make light of what you perceive as insecurities they have. Do this with a bit of laughter. 

Luck now happens to be on your side or that of any person lacking natural charisma and flare. You see, all human beings love to laugh out loud till that tummy feeling nags them with pain and a tingling sensation. We’ve all been there too. So if the date you find yourself with doesn’t dabble in a varied taste of humor or a cracked smile, then this is a strong sign to pack your bags or simply sit alone at the bar. 

Seriousness while dating only breeds seriousness.

Dating, however, is all about casual and carefree fun. 

Who doesn’t want that? It’s what we’re all about.

Good, honest humor can change bad situations in the blink of an eye and even make your enemies think twice about a hatred they may have for you. Laughter can even tell your date very serious things but in silly ways. This approach eases the burden of figuring out deeper secrets that could come off as inappropriate in a first time meeting.

You’ll want to flirtatiously pull something like this off: “If your past is as beautiful as you are, then I’m a lucky person this day.”

Even a particular smirk they give you from hearing this will let you know they’re not perfect, and the best part is they would have expressed it. This is the art of making light of heavy things and breaking a barrier of ice bound to exist when meeting strangers. 

Laughter is also contagious, and others at a bar or restaurant will be looking at you, jealous of your counterpart across the table and incapable of focusing on their own evening. You can count on it. Loosen up and bring a little humor to your dining or social experience, and wonders will happen for you. 

Laughing will keep you in a good mood and encourage your new friend to stay around.

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