Dating at any age often creates anxiety. Add age and years of being absent from the field and worries often increase. As the population of baby boomers age and live longer, many will find themselves single and in the dating scene again. With a few tips, managing dating as a senior doesn’t have to be nerve wracking.

Start Slowly

Whether getting back into the dating scene the old fashioned way or through an online dating site, take it slowly. Dating should be fun and finding the right person may take time. Figure out what type of person you are wanting and stick to what you want. There are more senior partners looking for dates than one would expect!  Don’t expect to get it right on the first date or even after several dates. The art of dating is a learned experience, so it can be relearned so give yourself time to get back into the game! 

Create a Stellar Online Dating Profile

Now that dating has gone online, having a great dating profile is a must. The catch is including just the right amount of information, without stating too much. Your future date will want to know your hobbies and favorite foods, but may not be interested in your food allergies or bad experiences on your most recent vacation. Try to think about the kind of things you would like to know about a prospective date.  If you run into any problems or need help, most online dating sites offer step by step help or offer someone who can provide assistance if needed.

Decide What/ Who You are Looking For

Are you wanting a long lasting relationship, a possible life time partner, or are you just wanting to date for fun. Knowing what you want, will also help in creating a great profile and help with realistic expectations. People are more atp to hae a wider definition of an acceptable partner if they just want companionship or a partner for fun evenings. If you are having problems deciding, writing it down often helps. Also list what you won’t accept in a partner ( profanity, rudeness, etc.)

Suggest Dates

That first date can sometimes be a bit awkward. It is all about getting to know the other person and finally feeling comfortable around them. Date suggestions depend on your personality and that of your partner. Often, discussing options results in great suggestions. If not, find a date where you can have both time to discuss things and a time to just relax and have fun. Dinner plus a movie or dinner and golf are often great suggestions for a first date. If dinner doesn’t go well, at least a movie or golf will provide time to relax and decide on a second date.. or not.

If you run into problems or questions, there are plenty of online sites that can give suggestions. If that doesn’t work, ask your kids or grandkids! They will be more than happy to provide dating advice!  


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