4. Decide to Date

Many parents are hesitant to date for various reasons.  Dating can be scary and overwhelming if an individual is not ready to date.  Before dating occurs, individuals need to make sure they are ready to date.  Different dating rules apply because children are involved.  Although there is no specific time frame parents have to wait to date, it’s in their best interest to make sure they are ready to date.  Some parents decide to get back into the dating world and realize it is not something they want to do at the time.  Sometimes the dating scene is not what some parents are looking for, so they decide to wait a little longer to date.

3. Balancing Dating and Parenting

Being a parent is a lifetime responsibility.  Because children are the most important factor in the situation, dating may be set aside to focus on the needs of the children.  Some parents find balancing parenting and dating difficult, but it can be done.  In order to balance parenting and dating, a support group is required.  Whether the support group involves relatives, friends or a daycare, a support group needs to be present.  Parents can schedule dates while their children are attending daycare or one night of weekend when a relative or friend agrees to watch the children.  Parents should meet their date without their children until they feel safe and comfortable introducing their date to their children.

2. Introducing the Date to the Children

Before children are introduced to the date, there are few things that need to be done.  The date should know about the children but personal information should not be shared.  Parents should not blind side their date by failing to mention they have children.  When the parent is ready, the children can be introduced to the date in the home or in a public place.  Parents should observe how their children react to their date and vice versa.

1. Always Tell the Truth

Parents should never lie about the fact they have children.  Some parents are terrified to inform their date they have children because they fear their date will no longer be interested.  The truth to the matter is: any date a parent encounters that are not fond of children should move on.  There is no love lost or gained in this situation.  Everyone is not fond of the idea of children, and that’s perfectly fine.  Parents need to understand and respect the feelings of other people.


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