Happy Christian Dating is a free Christian dating website where Christian singles meet and make lasting connections. This faith-based website helps Christian daters find potential matches using a curated match-making system. Singles committed to walking the path of faith make heart-centered connections when they can connect with like-minded Christian love matches. Shared values about church, family, and community lead to lasting and authentic connections. 

What sets Happy Christian Singles Apart from Other Dating Websites

We designed our free Christian dating website to make it easier for Christian singles who share like-minded values about religion, home, family, and raising children to meet in a virtual environment. Our matchmaking specialists review online Christian dating profiles to match Christian singles with their best potential mate. 

This free Christian dating platform makes it easy for Christian singles to create an online dating account and be up and running in no time! After opening an account and filling out a personalized dating questionnaire, Happy Christian Dating matchmaking experts send you a curated list of potential matches for you to review. 

Once you’ve made a connection on Happy Christian Dating, get to know more about your new potential partner in a virtually moderated environment. 

Moderators are on the platform to manage online dating support and safety issues. 

How to Register for a Happy Christian Singles dating account. 

Visit the Happy Christian Singles Registration Page
*Must be at least 18 years old to register. 

Complete the Online Registration Process.
Answer questions about your dating preferences to complete your Happy Singles online dating profile. Upload a few photos to let other members know who you are.
**Platform moderators reserve the right to remove photos that violate community guidelines. 

Browse Members.
Happy Christian Singles match-making professionals send members a list of potential matches for their online dating profile. Search through curated Christian dating profiles online to find Christian singles with common interests and shared values who are living a faith-based lifestyle. 

Make Meaningful Connections!
Make meaningful connections and form lasting dating relationships when like-minded Christian singles meet online. 

Important Qualities to Look for In a Christian Relationship

Shared values – one major indicator of success in Christian relationships is whether couples share the same values. For example, couples who share the same ideas about being committed to their faith are more likely to lead to marriage than dating relationships, where values are drastically different. Trying to force your partner to change their values or beliefs later in the relationship isn’t the way to go! Be proactive by dating with purpose and choosing potential partners that share the same values. 

Happy Christian Dating uses its patented matchmaking system to match Christian singles with other singles on the platform who have shared interests and faith-based values. 

Trust – along with having shared values, being able to trust a new partner is another key indicator of dating and relationship success. People in trusting relationships have the security of knowing both partners always act in each other’s best interest. Create new long-term relationships based on shared values and trust for happier and longer-lasting unions. 

Find new love matches on Happy Christian Dating!

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