We are excited to announce the launch of a series of surveys focused on Christian dating. These surveys are designed to delve into the personal and nuanced experiences of Christians in the dating world, particularly how their faith influences their choices in seeking and maintaining romantic relationships. Whether it’s understanding the importance of shared religious beliefs or exploring the dynamics of interfaith dating, our goal is to gather meaningful insights into the various ways faith intersects with personal relationships.

Participants from various Christian denominations and backgrounds are invited to share their experiences and perspectives through carefully structured questions. These surveys cover topics such as the necessity of sharing the same faith with a partner, experiences with dating both within and outside one’s faith, and the role of religious practices in relationship-building activities.

Our surveys aim to provide a platform for Christians to voice their experiences, which in turn can offer valuable insights to the community and individuals navigating their personal paths in relationships influenced by their faith. We encourage all who are interested to participate and contribute to a broader understanding of Christian dating practices today. Your responses will remain confidential and will be crucial in shaping a more comprehensive view of how faith influences romantic relationships in diverse Christian communities.