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First dates are very important. A first date can literally be the last, because most people will make up their mind about you within the first few minutes of a first date. So if you are just having an off day, it could have a long term negative effect on what otherwise could have been a potential relationship. That is why it is very important that you make a great, positive, lasting impression on your first date. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

5. Look Your Best

Even if you are ordinarily a pretty laid back person about your personal appearance, make the effort on your first date with someone to “clean up” a little. You would not want someone coming to wrong conclusions about you just because you did not iron your shirt. Be thoughtful in your appearance, and consider what your appearance says about you.

4. Be on Time

Being late to a first date tells the other person that you really just do not care that much. Even if this is not true, that is the message received. Make sure that you get everything else out of the way that day so that you can focus on getting ready and getting there on time.

3. Be Positive

While having a conversation on your first date with someone, try to be upbeat and positive. Sharing your sob stories may be ok for your close personal friends and family, but most first dates are with people you do not really know that well yet, so save the misery for later.

2. Compliment!

Both men and women love compliments. Make sure that you are generous with the compliments, but not too generous. Too many compliments come off as a little creepy. You should definitely compliment the way your date looks, and then through out the night if you notice one or two other things then compliment those as well.

1. Listen

One of the biggest mistakes that people make on a first date is to let their nerves take over and cause them to incessantly talk, and usually about themselves. This is a huge turn off to men and women. If you feel yourself heading this direction, you can turn that train around by asking your date questions about themselves instead. It is ok to talk about your self when you are being asked a question, but try not to bring every conversation topic back to you and your life, your friends, and your interests. You should also definitely avoid talking about your ex, unless your date just really seems into ex bashing, then do not seem pre occupied with an ex. It gives off the message that you may not really be over them yet.


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