Men and women are cheated on, and for some people, they have no clue why it happened. Here are seven reasons that make you more susceptible to being cheated on.

7. Nagging and Complaining

Many people wind up getting cheated on because of nagging and complaining. Instead of complaining, discuss what’s bothering you and leave it at that. There’s no need to nag and complain every hour on the hour every day. Relax and discuss the issues you’re having.

6. Bringing up the Past

If the past affects your future, this a sure sign that something is wrong. People who constantly bring up the past for no reason at all will more than likely be cheated on. If you cannot move on from the past, this is a sign that you are holding on to something that you need to figure out before you get involved in another relationship.

5. Lying

Lying is a sure way to push your mate away from you. Breaching the trust of another person is a sure way to make them focus on other people. The best way to go is honesty, whether you like the outcome or not. The trick here is to not put yourself in situations where you have to lie.

4. Being Spoiled

Being spoiled is fine if you are with a person who can spoil you and meet your every need. If you get involved with a person knowing they are not up to your standards, you have no right to complain about the things they cannot do for you. Get involved with a person who has what you want. Being a spoiled brat will certainly make your mate look at others in the crowd.

3. Being Inconsiderate

People are more inconsiderate than they realize. A relationship is about giving some, and taking some. If you think the entire relationship should be focused and revolve around you, it’s only a matter of time before your mate gets tired of catering to your every need while they long for your attention and affection. They will not wait around for you to change, they will find someone who will give them what you can’t.

2. Family Issues

When you’re in a relationship, it’s nice if your family gets along with the person you’re dating, but if not, things can be messy at times. It is your job to ensure there are no fights and everyone is respected. If you sit there and let things happen, your mate will certainly get tired of the way you choose not to handle things will your family, and they will find a better place to be that’s far away from you.

1. Lack of Communication

As far as lack of communication is concerned, it’s the number one reason a person is cheated on. If you don’t keep an open line of communication with your mate, you leave the door open for assumption, and assumption is the number one killer of relationships.


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