In ‘The 5 Love Languages’, relationship expert Gary Chapman helps to identify the type of love that you need from a partner. Your relationship may have just hid a rough patch or it may be irreparable- watch for the signs to help you reconnect or reevaluate. <a href=>reevaluate</a>

10. Nagging has hit a new high.

Dishes need to be done but the tone and repetition of the request has changed this from a gentle request to something else. Someone has stopped sharing the load both physically and emotionally. It is time to evaluate. According to Gary Chapman, complaints and requests are how you indicate your love language. What needs are not being met?

9. You are talking to a wall.

Someone has decided to opt out. It could be the relationship or workplace stress. Adopt a different set of behaviors and monitor. Do they open up?

8. Answering with the utmost brevity.

Loud arguments is one behavior many are accustomed to. Now any question receive the briefest of answers. Is this happening over a prolonged period? Open communication is the foundation to a successful relationship.

7. They are barely home.

He used to love cuddling up and watching your favorite show together. Now it seems like home is only a pit stop to sleep and change clothes. Something is up.

6. Living with 007?

They are on the computer and immediately close a page when you enter. They take private calls when they weren’t so popular before. You aren’t living with a secret agent. Find out more.

5. Do they see me?

You do your hair the way he likes. He helps around the house. Nothing is said. Recognition of the other person’s efforts have fallen to the wayside. Everyone needs to feel appreciated.

4. Disregard for your emotional state.

You are upset and they don’t notice your demeanor or inquire. Feel ill but they can’t be bothered to make some soup. Partners should support one another. It’s time to get back on track.

3. Casual touch is nil.

Cuddling, hand holding, even a shoulder rub show that a person is interested in connecting. When you had a cuddle bear and now he is unapproachable, it is something to notice. It may not be you but see if this is a one off or something serious.

2. You are roommates.

Sex is non-existent. There are no meaningful conversations. You just live together. This is serious and requires someone to break the stalemate and see if the relationship can be resuscitated.

1. All the love has returned?

After being aloof and monk-like, your partner has now decided to become overly attentive. It could be guilt. Especially if there were no meaningful discussions to make changes in your relationship. Many cheaters can become very loving to cover their tracks.


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