Finding an inexpensive time out can be a drag, but if one isn’t bashful, the results can be stunning:

1.  Volunteer to be models for a beauty school hairdresser’s contest.

2.  Make a bid for a Guinness book of world records hit, and call the newspapers to cover it.

3.  Try a new sport together, like Aikido or mountain-climbing.

4.  If you’re ready to meet each others friends, set up a revolving dinner party, one course at each person’s house.

5.  Crash a top line art opening; your reward will be free wine and cheese and a great viewing.

Inexpensive Nights Out for the Introvert Couple

Hard to pick up that phone, and a little harder to pick the right place for your shy, bookish date?  Here’s a few choices:

1.  A simple poetry or book reading is a free night out that spurs conversation.

2.  How about a visit to the museum?  Museums are often free with changing exhibits.

3.  Are you passionate about a cause?  Sign up to volunteer together.

4.  Remember car games you played as a kid?  Schedule a drive and bring back car games! 

5.  Everyone appreciates a picnic in the park.  How about a park that has some added perks, like a wildflower trail or even an old carousel.

Five Dating Tips for the Homebody

Sure you’d like to date, but really, you’re more of the stay-at-home type.  Help is on the way:

1.  Game Night – We’re not talking electronics, but old-fashioned board games where everyone plays together while munching on snacks.  Really, it’s fun!

2.  Make a romantic dinner at home, complete with music and  champagne.

3.  Make your own sushi.  You can buy all the fixings for a lot cheaper than the sushi bar.

4.  Go star-gazing.  Get a blanket, a bottle of wine or hot chocolate and lay out under the stars.

5.  For those who’ve been together awhile – practice a strip-tease act and perform for your date.

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