Online dating has become popular, and many happy couples find each other online. Unfortunately, while there are some great men online, it’s also possible to come across some frauds. Before you get swept off your feet by your online “knight in shining armor,” here are a few warning signs that he could be a fraud.

Warning Sign #1 – A Profile That Isn’t Specific

Check the individual’s profile. Does he offer specific information about himself? Does he give specifics about what he wants in a mate? If not, beware. Many scammers keep their profiles general so they attract more people to their profile.

Warning Sign #2 – He Never Answers Your Questions

Once you start talking to a man online, you probably want to get to know him better by asking questions. If he never answers your questions, he could be a fraud. Pay attention if he always directs the questions back to you instead of giving you answers to your questions.  

Warning #3 – Asking About Your Financial Information

If he starts asking about your financial information shortly after you meet online, think twice about continuing communication with this man. It’s completely inappropriate for someone you’ve never met in person to ask you about your finances. This could be a sign that he’s trying to find out if you’re worth the time to scam.

Warning #4 – Constant Flattery or Declarations of Love

It’s easy to feel flattered and special if a man you met online starts flattering you with compliments and declaring his love for you. Don’t let that fool you. How could he possibly know he loves you if you just met online? Beware if he says he’s falling in love with you after talking a few times online.

Warning #5 – It’s Impossible to Find Them Online

It’s easier than ever to find information about people online. If you can’t find the man online, he could be a fraud. Most people have a Facebook page or other social media profiles. He could be using a false name and other false information if you’re unable to find any information about him online.

Warning #6 – They Always Have Excuses for Not Meeting

Does he always have excuses for why you can’t meet each other? If so, he’s probably hiding something or he’s been lying about where he really lives. If he’s really interested in you, he’ll want to meet you.

Warning #7 – They Ask You For Money  

If a man online asks for a loan, it’s a big warning sign that he’s probably a fraud who is trying to scam you out of your money. Why would he ask you for money instead of turning to friends or family members for help? Online dating scams that involve asking women for money are very common, so it’s important to avoid sending money to anyone you’ve just met on an online dating site.

Learning how to spot the frauds is important when you begin using an online dating site. These warning signs will help you spot a fraud, making it easier to find someone special online.


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