Use a Real Profile Photo

The profile photo is the first thing that a potential mate sees of you. Therefore, it is imperative to have a nice photo.

Do not fall victim to the urge to put up a fake profile picture. Some people just plain have pictures of someone else on their page. Others use a photo of themselves from years ago. Deception is wrong and counterproductive.

When someone chooses to interact with you based on a fake photo, that person will feel deceived. Just be real and hope for the best. You can be more confident in yourself when you know that they like the real you.

Be Honest About What You Want in a Date

It is amazing the number of people who lie about what they want online. If you are not into a certain type of man or women, admit it. That way the responses come only from people who meet your criteria.

Listing a certain age range is fine. Limiting your potential mates to certain geographic areas is wise too. It is best to think of all the things that you desire in a date and mention these on your profile.

Do be careful so as not to offend people, however.

Try not to be too Picky

It is possible to be too fussy when looking for an online date. People who in a social club never receive dance requests suddenly want perfection when sifting through choices on a dating site.

Remaining open to change is the best way to find that someone special. No date will be perfect. Just make sure that he or she has most of the qualities you desire. Then work with them to find a way to be happy with their deficiencies. Compromises are a way of life.

Being open-minded invites others to be the same way with you.


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