Nothing is more special and fun than capturing the attention of someone who is special to you.  Here are five steps you can take to grasp the attention of a person you want to notice you.

5. Be Straightforward

Honesty is the key to success.  Whether you’re a man or woman, if you tell the truth, you will gain respect and a lot of other things.  You wouldn’t want someone to lie to you, so don’t lie to someone else.  Being straightforward requires you to be open and direct.  When you talk to them, look them in their eyes.  Don’t be afraid to make eye contact.  Good body language and posture are other things you will have to work on if you don’t already possesses proper etiquette.  These factors make more of a difference than you think.

4. Show Your Pearly Whites

Smiling and laughing will get you half of the way.  Make jokes, smile, laugh, and have a great time.  Don’t be a stick in the mud, obnoxious or arrogant.  Those are two things that will turn a person off quick, and you may not be able to grasp their attention again, so put your best foot forward.

3. Be Funny and have Fun

Who can resist a person who is funny and fun?  A funny person is attractive to many people, so give it your best shot.  A person who is funny is comfortable with themselves, and they are outgoing.  When you are comfortable with yourself, you’ve done most of the work.  There isn’t too much that can deter you from achieving your goal of catching that special someone’s attention.

2. Dress like you want to Impress

The way a person decides to dress says a lot about them.  Make sure you are presenting a positive image.  Contrary to the popular belief of many people, dressing like you have a career in the red light district is not becoming.  If you dress in skimpy clothing, you will receive attention, but the laws of attraction will certainly be against you.

1. Look your Best

Looking your best is a little different from rule number two.  Looking your best is rule number one for attracting your special someone.  Looking your best includes your attire, and it also includes your attitude and personality.  You don’t have to pile on the make up  or bathe in cologne to get your point across.  Be pleasant and graceful as you walk and speak, and you will be surprised at how many people, including your crush will notice you.  Change your hair style or hair color if you want, and change the way you dress as you see fit.  Do what makes you happy, and it will show through your personality and overall being.  Don’t let your special someone get snatched up by someone else!

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