When you are going on a first date, where you take your date says a lot about you. If you pick a place where you and your date can connect and have fun, chances are, a second date is in your future.

Good First Date Ideas

  • Restaurant Date: If you are planning to take your date to dinner, it is a good idea to find out what type of food she likes. You do not want to take her to a Chinese restaurant, if she hates Chinese food. If you find out what her favorite kind of food is, you can be sure that she will be pleased when you get to the restaurant.
  • Active Date: If your date is an active person, there are several places you can take her to have an active date. Bowling or laser tag are great active dates where you and your date can have a great time. Be sure, however, not to be too competitive on the date. It can be a total turn off.
  • Relaxing Date: If you want to take your date to a place to wind down and relax, you can take her to a quiet bar. Find a seat in a corner and order a few drinks. It is a great way to relax and get to know each other.
  • Afternoon Date: If your date is taking place in the afternoon, you can take her on a picnic. It is a nice way to enjoy a nice day, have a meal, and some good conversation. If a picnic is not for you, look into things going on in your community. If there is a carnival or festival going on, these are great places to go on a first date.

Bad First Date Ideas

  • Nightclubs: While a nightclub is a great place to go with the guys, it is not the best place to go on a first date. Many nightclubs are meat markets. The last thing that you want is other men hitting on your date. Nightclubs are also very loud, making it difficult to have a conversation.
  • Movies: Many people choose the movies as a first date destination. While it may be something interesting to do, it is not the best way to get to know your date, as conversation is frowned upon during a movie.
  • Dinner at Your Place: Inviting a girl to your place for dinner is a good idea if you know each other well, however, if you do not, it is not the best idea. Many women are cautious, and the idea of going to a stranger’s home for dinner may be unsettling. Save this type of date for a bit later in the relationship.

The first date is the best way to make a good first impression. If you take your date out, and she has a great time, it is very likely that you will get the chance to take her out again.


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