Let’s face it, dating a blonde gives a person a certain status. People notice and the dating partner can’t deny he doesn’t like the attention he gets because of it. Despite their brunette and ginger counterparts, blondes still hold the title of having more fun. That’s reason enough to be with one, to see if that old cliche still holds true.

True blondes tend to have blue or green eyes and for some reason, people are just naturally attracted to that combination. Nobody really knows why, it’s just a fact of life. Other blonde facts that exist don’t really define why they seem to always be in demand, despite the wrongly image that blondes are dumb. Quite the contrary, as we know that many blonde women throughout history have made a lasting impact on the world.

Blondes seem to have the market on being more of a threat to former girlfriends. No one really knows why, but this scenario happens all the time. Maybe it’s because of their fun loving reputation and that’s why. Do potential dating partners really want to know if they are more fun? Possibly, but they still hold tightly to the stereotype that they are the most desired of the three major hair colors, constantly beating out the brunettes and the gingers; although those last two may disagree.

When men were surveyed as to which hair color they preferred for a dating partner, the answer was a blonde, but not by much. Go to http://www.mademan.com/mm/10-reasons-date-blond.html to read further.

This gives hope to the brunettes and gingers of the world that the blondes seem to be losing some of their top billing status that they’ve held for so long. If this is true, we do have to give the men some credit here. They are slowly but surely leaning to the side of dating women for who they are, not what they are. Men, congratulations, you have proven yourself worthy of dating any woman of substance!

An interesting fact to think about is this: if you are dating a blonde woman and plan to be with her for the long haul, remember that in most cases, blondes show their gray hair less than brunettes, where the grays are really noticeable because of the stark contrast against the dark hair background. With the blondes, the gray blends in naturally and is harder to notice. Blondes usually have a mixture of blonde shades within their natural hair color, so the gray is more more difficult to notice among the lighter shades.

Blondes have suffered long enough, it’s time to realize that the myth of the “dumb blonde” isn’t a reality, but just a silly cliche that has long stood the test of time. Cliches are just that – cliches – and in the case of blondes being dumb, they don’t always have to include an ounce of truth in them, either!

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