When you are looking for someone to date, so often it is a friend or family member who has a suggestion of who you should go out with.  However well meaning, this is not always the best choice and can sometimes lead to some hard feelings all the way around.  The best thing to do is to listen to what others have to say and then decide for yourself. 

10.  Agree to listen to the ideas by your friends and family regarding a possible date.  You never know, you could end up finding the love of your life.  Not likely, but possible.

9.  If you do decide to date the recommended person, know that you will always blame your friends if the relationship goes sour.  You don’t mean to, but it’s natural that it will happen.

8.  Know that your friends will be more than nosy about your relationship and will always be ready to hear how it is going between the two of you.  You don’t owe them a detailed report, just enough to know that things are going ok.

7.  Your friends may try to suggest things to do together and that’s fine.  Only make sure the offer is genuine and not solely so they get the scoop on what is going on between the two of you.

6.  When you have a fight, don’t blame your friends for being the ones that brought you together.  Your own problems within the relationship should be dealt with by only the two of you.

5.  Be glad that you have friends who care enough about finding someone for you to be with, they only have your best interest at heart.

4.  Remember that just because they like this other person doesn’t mean that you will too.  If things don’t work out, don’t blame anyone else but yourself. 

3.  Don’t stay in a relationship you’re not comfortable in just because it was your friends that brought you together.  Give yourself more credit than that.

2. Don’t feel guilty in a failed relationship just because your friends thought it would work out. 

1.  Remember that your friends thought they were doing you a sincere favor and that’s how you should take it.  They were well-intentioned, no matter what the outcome is.  But the best advice is always be true to yourself, never let others influence you to the point of being miserable in a relationship that you can no longer tolerate. 


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