Relationships are challenging, but singles will agree that finding a relationship is a greater challenge. Busy work schedules, life demands, and the alienation of social media have added a trifecta of complication to an already, seemingly impossible, task.   Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 2,500 online dating sites in the U.S. But even with the computer sites daily to find the perfect match, it can still feel like an eternity to meet the right person.

Some singles have waited for so long, on their first date they are envisioning evenings with the grandchildren. This is Obsessive Dating; being so obsessed with being a couple that one loses the ability to enjoy the date. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look forward to being a couple; it means that you should enjoy what life has to offer until you meet “the One”. Here are a few ways that singles can learn to enjoy being single:

  1. Learn to Smile – Look for reasons to be happy. Happy people are much better company. Miserable people spend Saturday on the couch pouting.
  2. Be Active –Bored people spend more time envying the active lives of others.  Join interest groups or volunteer so that you will be able to spend time around like-minded people.
  3. Be Yourself – Don’t switch up your game to reflect your date or pretending to enjoy things that you don’t.  The truth will be exposed.
  4. Don’t Expect a Clone – The flip side is expecting someone that you meet to share all of your interests. Allow space for your date to be honest about their likes and interests so you’ll meet the real person.
  5. Enjoy Family – Spending time with family and friends that are close like family is essential. These are the people that will be in your corner no matter what. It’s like the fox and the grapes, don’t risk good personal relationships trying to gain a relationship.
  6. Hold the Sex – Some people can handle casual sex like consuming a meal. But more often than not, sex creates an emotional attachment. Either you then deal with a clingy person, or you become the clingy person, definitely risking sanity and happiness.
  7. Stop Keeping Track – Tracking friends’ relationships will make you miserable. Even the best couples have problems. Even if they seem perfect, you would not be happy as a member of that couple.
  8. Get a Hobby – Whether it been leisure or professional, pursue an interest. When you land that relationship it will stand a better chance at success if you have joint and individual interests.
  9. Date Yourself – won’t explode if you go to that restaurant with a friend or even alone. Go on that island trip! Don’t miss out on life waiting on a relationship.
  10. Live in the Moment!  – Go on the dates! Don’t subject your date to an insane flow of personal questions. Learn to appreciate good conversation and company without pressure. Enjoy now! You’re worth it!


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