When it comes to dating, whether online or in person, there is always some degree of uncertainty involved. Everyone possess some fears of rejection. For transexuals and their admirers, this anxiety can be even more pronounced.

The sting of having someone disrespect your lifestyle choice or natural sexuality is nothing to look forward to. Fortunately, all of that can be avoided by visitng https://mylgbtdating.com/. Here, you can mix and mingle freely with those in a similar situation.

Perhaps for the first time, many transexuals and their lovers have a place to call their own. Overall, this site does a good job of promoting alternative lifestyles with respect.

Membership Types

Users can choose between free and paid memberships.

The free, or Trial, membership is what many opt to do at first. At this level, they can create a profile, complete with pictures and videos. They can also send and receive chat messages to paid members. Last, those at the trial level receive regular email updates on possible matches based on their profile information.

Meanwhile, paid, or Gold, members receive all of the above benefits along with preferential listing in the member database. This means that others see Gold profiles well before they do Trial ones. It is easier to make that all important match as a Gold member.

The payments are via subscription, so it is advisable to use a credit card for recurring payments. Nevertheless, Tranny Dating does accept a variety of payment methods, including cash.

Informational Profiles a Plus

Overall, the site offers informational profiles. Members learn a lot about the person whom they see featured. First, of course, is the profile picture. There is also location, which is important because there are members all around the world. Profiles also list age, horoscope sign and health conditions.

Perhaps most importantly, each profile explains exactly what that person seeks in a lover. This golden nugget of information helps others decide whether to pursue a relationship. Much of the anxiety of online dating disappears because now users know whether the other person will be interested in getting together.

If someone finds a profile interesting, they can also “like” it via the attached Facebook link.

No Real Negatives

There are not many downsides to this online dating website. One is that it can be unclear how to upgrade to VIP membership. However, given that the administrators offer free VIP upgrades via inbox messages from time-to-time, there is little to complain about.

Overall Impression

https://mylgbtdating.com/ is quite impressive. The trial membership is a no-brainer, with nothing to lose. Anyone interested in transexuals, she males and transvestites will find this place welcoming.


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