4.)  With Liberty and Justice for All.

If the pledge of allegiance says justice for all, then why is it certain groups are discriminated against? “With liberty and justice for all” often rings in empty and has no meaning.  This well known phrase represents the idea that all legal citizens are equal under the protection of the law. Doesnt it imply that all Americans are not to be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law,” Where does it specify unless you are LGBT?

3.) And Justice for All

The LGBT community face tough economic hardships due to harassment and discrimination in  the workplace. The LGBT community seeks out work using sex, illegal drug sales or other aspects of the street life in.  Due to discrimination, the LGBT community feels trapped and faces a higher risk imprisonment. Some even face an arrest simply because being LGBT. How can an officer believe that  LGBTs aren’t allowed to legally work?

2.) Orange is the new black

As a transgender activist, I stand firm in solidarity with those who are serving jail or prison sentences. Regardless of sexual orientation, all mankind should live a life free of harassment, discrimination and violence.  What about being able to have the chance to live as their true, authentic selves? Incarcerated transgenders face a higher risk of vulnerability and violence. With a higher risk of danger throughout the broken system, their lives, and peace of mind are in serious jeopardy. We all need to stand as one and fight the system to provide safety for all.

1.) Military

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is supposed to allow LGBTs to serve for the first time in American history with integrity, honor and openly. Why then, do LGBT service members and veterans still, in the current day and age, see discrimination and inequality?  LGBT equality in the armed forces and life goes beyond principle; facts prove the operation of a military works best when all service members are treated as equals and fairly.

Conservatives put up a good fight for a “license to discriminate” against LGBT service members their religious believes are attacked. How exactly is are LGBTs attacking religious freedom? How can one serve and protect when being attacked and harassed by those who have different points of view and lifestyles? What about spousal benefits? If a marriage is legal, why should veterans families not receive the same rights as heterosexual relationships?  They all put up the same fight for the protection of the country’s rights.  The Department of Veterans Affairs should provide guidance and help with the DOMA repeal and what will happen to veterans in same sex marriages. If  don’t ask, don’t tell was repealed, then why is the ban still there for transgender Americans wanting to serve in the military. This prohibition did absolutely nothing other than force transgenders to serve and protect at twice the rate as the rest of the population. To make matters worse, transgenders can not reveal their gender identity at all or face the risk of a discharge. 


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